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We are undeniably the very best roofing company in Dallas TX. When looking for a roofing Dallas TX service provider, you need to choose a company that can get the job done right at a good price. This is why you need to choose us. We offer lightning fast turnaround and we’ll do everything possible to ensure the client is totally satisfied with our performance. Our company is happy is to serve the needs of residential and commercial clients. We can replace shingles, repair leaks, and install new roofs.

We’re always here for our clients and we’ll do everything possible to ensure that the client is satisfied with their investment.





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we are Dallas roof repair experts for more than 12 years now. we provide roof leaking repair, roof emergency repairs, old shingles repair and more.

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whenever you need residential roofing Dallas provider give us a call and we will come to your location on the same day this is only one of the reasons we are the best roofers in Dallas

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when it comes to commercial roof repair you will need a Dallas roofing contractor that has experience with commercial roofing. give us a call for a quote.

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Need to replace your roof? no problem, we here to help with all your Dallas roof repair projects including roof replacement.

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Top roofing Dallas TX specializes in flat roof repair with 100’s of happy customers in Dallas tx and the surrounding cities.

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Have metal roof and need Dallas roofing companies that know what they are doing? give us a call today for a free quote on metal roof repair.

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Top Roofing Dallas TX

Are you currently on the hunt for a good roofing company in Dallas? When it comes to roofing Dallas TX, finding a good service provider can be much more difficult than you could ever imagine. There are tons of Dallas roofing companies, but they’re not all equal. If you make the wrong choice, you’re going to be very disappointed and your money is probably going to be wasted. The good news is that you’ve discovered one of the best roofing companies in Dallas. Our company is here to help you. We offer comprehensive Dallas roofing services and we’ll be able to meet and exceed your expectations.

When choosing us as your roofing Dallas service provider, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be treated right. Get to know more about this Dallas roofing contractor by reading the information provided below.

Locally Owned And Operated Dallas Roof Repair Company

When looking for the best roofing contractors Dallas TX has to offer, it is absolutely pertinent to choose a firm that is actually based out of Texas. You’d be surprised to find out that a lot of companies pretend to be from Dallas, but they’re not. They’re owned and operated by companies outside of the area. This is why you need to work without Dallas roofing firm. Our roofing Dallas TX firm is actually based out of Dallas. We’re owned and operated by locals. Plus, the mass majority of our employees are directly from Dallas. When you choose us as your service Dallas roof repair service provider, you can rest assured knowing that you’re going to be treated right.

Our team will treat you with maximum kindness and we’ll do our best to provide you with an amazing service. With us, there is no doubt that you’ll be in good hands.

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We Provide A Written Contract For All Of Our Services

All consumers should expect to receive a written contract when they hire one of the top Dallas roofing companies. This document will not only provide you with a rundown of the services provides by the company, but also provides a list of supplies needed for the project.

All roofing contractors Dallas TX will also include the cost of labor and total cost of the project. Once you receive the written contract, the roofing company should not alter it unless you need to add another service to the project or an unexpected problem occurs that requires repairs or replacement. Whatever the case may be, written contracts can prevent consumers from being scammed, while also protecting the service provider.

Never hire a roofing company that is not willing to offer you a written contract, especially if you value your hard-earned money. Instead contact our office, where you will be able to speak with a live customer service representative who will set up an in-home inspection appointment for you. Once the inspection is complete, the roofer will provide you with a written contract that provides all the details of the project.

Most Affordable Roofing Companies Dallas TX

We understand how expensive roofing work can be. Many homeowners cannot afford such services. This is why they’ll put it off for far too long. Unfortunately, this is not a good idea. Putting it off is only going to give the problem time to worsen. This is why we recommend that you get in touch with us immediately. We offer roof repair Dallas TX and our prices are surprisingly affordable. We strongly believe that we’re one of the most affordable roofing companies Dallas TX has to offer. We have taken steps to ensure that our Dallas clients get the lowest prices possible. We promise that we’ll do our best to ensure that you get the lowest price in the Dallas area.

Our roofing Dallas TX firm is happy to offer free quotes. If you want to price shop at the roofing Dallas companies, we’re happy to accommodate that wish. Just get in touch with us for a free quote today.

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We Offer Dallas Roof Repair Services

The specific Dallas roofing problem that you’re facing is going to differ significantly from that of a friend or neighbor. We understand this wholeheartedly. This is why we felt it was pertinent to be the most well-rounded roofing Dallas service provider. Our company understands that you probably do not want to replace your whole roof. You will probably want to repair the problem and save yourself some money. This is why we’re happy to offer repair services. Our company will get the job done right on the first attempt. We can also help you save money by offering repair services.

There is a possibility that we can change the shingles and fix the problem completely. If we’re able to do that, we will and we’ll save you money along the way.

Roof Repair Dallas TX For Everyone

We understand that each client is unique. Some Dallas clients will need to have their home’s roof worked on. In other cases, the client might need to get the roof on their store fixed as quickly as possible. We are one of the most versatile Dallas roofing companies. We sincerely believe that we’ll be able to aid pretty much everyone in the Dallas area. When you’re in need of a Dallas roofing contractor, you should not hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll most definitely be able to meet your needs. Our roof repair Dallas TX company has been in the industry for many, many years.

We are capable of serving residential and commercial clients. When you need one of the best roofing companies in Dallas, you owe it to yourself to get in touch with us immediately. We’ll find a solution to the problem that you’re facing at the given time.

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A Dallas Roofing Contractor That Works With All Materials

Modern roofs are made from a wide variety of materials, including shingles and metal. Unfortunately, not all roofing contractors have access to each and every material out there. The good news is that we do. We have been in the industry for an extensive period of time and we’ll most definitely be able to find a solution to the problem that you’re facing. Whether you have a metal or shingled roof, you can guarantee that we’ll be able to aid you. We have plenty of supplies in our Dallas warehouse, so there is a good chance that we’ll be able to solve the problem much quicker than our competitors.

With us, you will not have to worry about special ordering anything. In all likelihood, we’ll have the supplies on hand needed to rectify the problem.

All Work Is Done In House

When it comes to roofing companies Dallas TX, you might be surprised to learn that there are tons of companies that like to contract out certain jobs. For instance, if you need the plywood changed under your roof shingles there is a good chance that another company might bring in a subcontractor to complete this task. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this, as subcontractors are completely capable of doing quality work, but the fact of the matter is that this individual does not directly work for the company you hired. If there are any problems or indiscretions whom are you going to take them up with?

When you deal with Top Roofing Dallas this is something that you never have to worry about. We value ourselves as one of the best roofing companies in Dallas, because all of our work is done in house by our very own techs.

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Offering Extensive Warranties

A lot of roofing contractors Dallas TX won’t tell you that roofers don’t really depend on repeat business, so making one customer happy might not be high on their priority list. However, that is not the case with our company. In fact, we offer extensive warranties with every repair and installation that we perform. This way you never have to worry about getting stiffed on any job that we do, and this gives us the peace of mind that we served you in the very best manner possible. Whether you hire our company or not, you always need to be on the lookout for these fly-by-night companies that don’t offer extensive warranties, because they are probably not willing to stand behind their work.

We Don’t Force You into Long-Term Contracts

If you have ever dealt with a pushy salesman or tech you already know what a hassle this can be. The individual makes you feel obligated to sign up for their services and when you do sign up they just want more and more. Fortunately, for you, this is not the case with our company. Our highly trained techs will present you with your best options, give you a price list, and let you make the decision as to what you want to do.

Of course, we do offer long-term maintenance contracts and warranties, but we never make our customers feel as if they should be obligated to take advantage of them. When you take advantage of our services you truly get to choose which route you want to go.

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